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Downloads & Links - A few of the best received by e-mail,
useful for prayerful reflection, inspiration or just for entertainment.

also some You Tube links # 3 & other Video & Web Links # 4

some files are very large. Click to open or right click and 'save as' / 'save target'

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1. PowerPoint presentations & slide shows

Stations of The Cross - 2010 3.74MB

Tornados 2.25MB

Space Shuttle Photos [#3] 3.72MB

Three Things 1.57MB

True Believer's Prayer 616KB

The Hanging Monastery 5.88MB

Happiness is a voyage 593KB | see Snopes for more on the athletes story

Someone cares for you 289KB

40 tips for living 4.11MB Good pictures and sound.

Home Blessing 366KB A mix of religion and secular

Lessons from The Geese 740KB

The Beauty of Mathematics 748KB

Mahatma 602KB

India Facts 2.87MB

Christ in You 63.5KB

Top Images 2008 773KB

The Bible 2.40MB pictures are stunning, with sound. Facts stated not yet verified by site manager but you can check.

Red Sea Crossing 1.51MB

The Hubble Space Telescope -  A little Astronomy 3.14MB Stunning photos as you'd expect

Mars Photos ;-) 402KB

2. Video files - wmv & avi right click to download / save as or save target

Fantastic Machine 3.62MB | see Snopes for information

The Perfect Crime 1.74MB

The Mom Song 4.09MB

The Black Hole 3.563 MB

Digital TV Changeover 1.899 MB

3. You Tube Video links click to automatically open in a new window / tab

Fr. Corapi's Conversion Story - Condensed Version  10 minutes 

Father Stan Fortuna CFR of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal: Amazing Gift - An Instructional Mass

Fr. Stan Fortuna School of the Eucharist

Catholic Priest Takes Your Breath Away

Fr. Stan Fortuna - Everybody Got 2 Suffer
London Fireworks, New Year's Day 2011 BBC 1

My Blackberry Is Not Working! - The One Ronnie, BBC

Martin Luther King "I have a dream" 17.28 minutes

4. Other Video & Web links click to automatically open in a new window / tab

DID MARY KNOW? (Needs sound) For Christmastide

How to climb a 1700+ foot Transmission Tower Wait until the cartoon has finished and then hold your breath 7.46 minutes

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