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Crib in mangerFour Christmas Gifts
" may God give peace to you...and love, with faith...may God's upon all who sincerely love our Lord Jesus Christ. "  Philippians 6 : 23 (TLB)

It's easy to get caught up in the craziness of shopping, parties, gift giving and family obligations. In fact, it's exhausting just thinking about it all! Imagine however, that when you wakened this morning you found four gifts you'd overlooked and tucked away under the tree. You open the first one, and you are filled with an awesome sense of peace you've never known before. You unwrap the second, and experience an overpowering love for others - even those who've wronged you. You open the third, and you're infused with a faith that enables you to trust God for anything - even things you previously considered impossible. Finally, you unwrap the fourth gift, and receive such grace, that you can handle criticism and hurt without retaliating.

Sound far-fetched? Not at all! These are the gifts Paul says God wants to give you. Listen: 'May God give peace to you...and love, with faith...May God's upon all who sincerely love our Lord Jesus Christ' (Eph 6:23 TLB). What gifts! And you won't have to return any of them the day after Christmas: they're guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

Remember, God's already given them to you - all you have to do is open the packages and start using them. It's Christmas Day, the day that changed everything. Why don't you take a moment and thank God for all His wonderful gifts - especially for the gift of His Son. After all, without Him you'd have nothing to celebrate. Right?

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This commentary  is courtesy of the excellent daily devotional - The Word for Today - (25th December 2001) written by Bob and Debby Gass and produced by United Christian Broadcasters  Free issues are available and you can sign up on their website

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Peace to All this Christmas and New Year!

Holly"A hug is a great gift at Christmas - one size fits all"

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