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poems contributed by their author Ron Tranmer in January 2012. visit his website for others

for our visitors who may enjoy their supportive and encouraging content

You can find more from Ron on our "In Loving Memory" bereavement support page here

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Mother Nature
by Ron Tranmer

Have you ever spent the hours
just gazing at the stars,
contemplating all the wonders
in this universe of ours?

The beauty of each flower.
Their fragrances we smell.
The magnificence of colour,
and each intricate detail.

Have you looked out at the ocean
as waves crash to the shore,
and felt the awesome power
of its great majestic roar?

The many colours of a rainbow
as it arcs across the sky,
almost takes my breath away.
Is it any wonder why?

Have you sat with one you love
to watch the falling sun,
spraying rays of reddish haze
to show the day is done.

All the beauty that surrounds us
in this world whereon we trod,
is not from Mother nature,
but from our Father God.

His Child Too by Ron Tranmer ©

When your child struggles in life
and seems to lose his way;
Know that you are not alone
with this child who's gone astray.

Our Father's plan is for agency
in a world where Satan's strong.
It's easy for one to stumble
and have their lives go wrong.

Have faith in Heavenly Father
when you've done all you can do.
We love our children, and so does He.
Remember he's His child too.


Compliments by Ron Tranmer ©

I've been told that I am thoughtful,
that my feet are on the ground.
Some say that I am likeable
and fun to be around.

It's been said that to my principles
I stand firm and true.
That I'm dependable and honest
In the things I say and do.

But the single greatest compliment
that I have ever had,
Is when somebody told me,
'You remind me of your dad.'

Tie A Knot
Hang On

by Ron Tranmer

Life can bring great challenges,
disappointment and despair.
At times we want to just give up,
from pressures hard to bear.

Life on earth can be beautiful.
We must never give up hope.
Tie a knot, and hang on for dear life,
when you're at the end of your rope.

The rope represents our earth life,
whether happy, sad, or fraught.
Our Saviour's great atoning love,
represents the saving knot.

If we will but have faith in Him
when our rope is at it's end,
He'll be the knot that stops our fall,
and helps our lives to mend..

You can find more from Ron on our "in Loving Memory" bereavement support page here ~ visit his website for others

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