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Homilies library Liturgy Year B, Mark

listen to or read previous homilies and more, for inspiration at any time.

Year is from Advent to Christ The King. click for 'Help' click for listening or download 'Help'

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In our library, there is much wise explanation worth hearing for inspiration at any time, or for study, reflection, RCIA, to open up each liturgical year's readings. ("How can I [understand] unless someone instructs me?" Acts 8:31)

homilies by Fr. Philip Dyson, Fr David Annear, Fr. Louis Rieunier, Fr. Harry Heijveld, Fr. John Gilbert, Fr. John Richardson and visiting priests, also occasional sung Masses and pastoral letters.

listen to audio file 2021

listen to audio file 2020 Advent to Christmas

2017-18 no recordings

listen to audio file 2014-15: Advent to February - Lent to Corpus Christi - 14th June to Christ the King (76 items available)

listen to audio file 2011-12:  Advent to Pentecost  (Christian Unity Service) | Trinity Sunday onwards (67 items)

listen to audio file 2008-09: August - November (10 homilies)

speaker icon Homilies for years A, B and C by Fr. Cormac Breathnach, parish priest 1996 - 2004

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