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The importance of praying for priests

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Pray for priests. Love them. Support them. Help them to be holy. We are weak and fragile. If your knees are not bent in prayer for us, we stumble and fall. We need your prayer. ~ Fr Jozo Zovko ofm

Dear Prayer Group: My weekly reminder to pray for all those priests, religious, seminarians and those contemplating the priesthood. 
Please let's remember to thank our priests for their priesthood. Without them we have no Jesus in the Eucharist.  Affirm your priests and their ministry; compliment them when you can, write a letter of praise about your priest to his superior or bishop, let him know how his priesthood has helped you grow in holiness.  Drop him a note of thanksgiving for his priesthood.  There are countless ways. If any of you can share some way you have affirmed your priest that would be great. This is the Christmas season, please let us remember our priests even if only with a card affirming their priesthood. Offering a Mass or novena for them in that card is a great gift or having a Mass said for them. If anyone has ways to help affirm our priests let me know and I will pass them along each week.  One lady sent me an e-mail that now her rosary prayer group now also is for prayer for priests,  how wonderful and she has it in Spanish and English. 

God bless you all for your prayers for our church heirarchy and please also remember to pray for our seminarians and those
contemplating the priesthood.  We so need priests. Carole posted on
IIPG Group

A Prayer for Priests
O Jesus, Eternal Priest, keep all Thy priests within the shelter of Thy Sacred Heart where none may harm them.

Keep unstained their anointed hands which daily touch Thy Sacred Body.  Keep unsullied their lips purpled with Thy Precious Blood.

Keep pure and unearthly their hearts sealed with the sublime marks of Thy glorious priesthood.

Let Thy holy love surround them and shield them from the world's contagion.

Bless their labours with abundant fruit, and may the souls to whom they have ministered be here below their joy and consolation and in
Heaven their beautiful and everlasting crown. Amen

O Mary, Queen of the clergy, pray and intercede for our precious priests and clergy, especially those on our Honour Roll. Amen. 

God bless you all for your prayers for our church hierarchy and for seminarians and those contemplating priesthood or religious life. We so need priests and more religious.  They so need our prayers and sacrifice.  Please also remember to thank your priests often for their ministry and for their priesthood and also our religious too and our seminarians too; they so need our support and to hear a positive word about their vocations. If you know of someone who is contemplating priesthood or religious life they so need our positive support and encouragement too. 

A Prayer for Priests, religious, seminarians and those contemplating vocations.
LORD, we lift up to your these on our honour roll and all the priests religious, seminarians, & those contemplating priestly or religious life.  Sanctify them, heal them; guide them, mould them into the likeness and holiness of Your Son, Jesus, the Eternal High Priest. May their lives be pleasing to You, in Jesus' name we pray. Amen

Prayer when looking at a Crucifix
My Lord, please bathe (priest's or religious name) in Your Precious Blood and protect him/her from all evil. Amen

Prayer before Mass
My Lord, please fill (priest's name) with Your love as he prepares to celebrate Holy Mass with You today. Amen.

Prayer before the Gospel
My Lord, please proclaim Your Word through (Priest's name) Amen.

Prayer before homily
My Lord, please anoint (Priest's name) that he may speak what You want him to speak and open our hearts  so that we can hear what You
want us to hear. Amen

Prayer before Consecration
My Lord, help us to see You in (Priests Name) as he consecrates with You the bread and wine into Your Body and Blood. Amen.

Prayer after Communion
My Lord, please heal (priest's name) by the power of Your Eucharistic presence within him. Amen.

Prayer after Mass
My Lord, I thank You for celebrating Mass with (priests name). Please bless him abundantly this day. Amen.

Prayer for Priests
Keep them, I pray Thee, dearest Lord,
Keep them, for they are Thine -
Thy priests whose lives burn out before
Thy consecrated shrine.

Keep them, for they are in the world.
Though from the world apart;
When earthly pleasures tempt, allure, -
Shelter them in Thy heart.

Keep them, and comfort them in hours
Of loneliness and pain,
When all their life of sacrifice
For souls seems but in vain.

Keep them, and O remember, Lord,
They have no one but Thee,
Yet they have only human hearts,
With human frailty.


Keep them as spotless as the Host,
That daily they caress;
Their every thought and word and deed,
Deign, dearest Lord, to bless.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Another Prayer for Priests

0 Holy Mother of God, 
pray for the priests your Son has chosen to serve the Church. 
Help them, by your intercession, to be holy, zealous, and chaste. 
Make them models of virtue in the service of God's people. 
Help them be pious in meditation, efficacious in preaching, 
and zealous in the daily offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 
Help them administer the Sacraments with love and joy. Amen.

More prayers below:-

Thou Art a Priest Forever ~ J.B. Henri Lacordaire, OP

To live in the midst of the world with no desire for its pleasure...
To be a member of every family yet belonging to none...
To share all sufferings; to penetrate all secrets; to heal all wounds...
To daily go from men to God to offer Him their petitions...
To return from God to men to offer them His hope...
To have a heart of fire for charity and a heart of bronze for chastity...
To bless and be blest forever.
O God, what a life, and it is yours,
O Priest of Jesus Christ!

Prayer for Priests

In Your divine Goodness and Holiness, O Eternal Father, I adore You.
Through Your divine Truth and Wisdom, O Eternal Son, I adore You.
By Your divine Love and Harmony, O Eternal Spirit, I adore You.

I pray for this Priest,
and all the Priests of this Parish. (Deanery / Diocese)
I beg You, most Holy Trinity,
make them perfect Priests,
in the image of Jesus Christ,
The Eternal Priest.

Give them the Grace of perfect obedience
to our Holy Father, The Pope.
Give the Grace of perfect devotion
to the Blessed Virgin Mary,
making them champions of her Marian movement.
Give them the Grace of perfect adoration
of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

For these purposes and for these reasons,
I consecrate them,
all that they are, all that they do, all that they have,
past, present and to come, forever,
to The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart
of the blessed Virgin Mary,
and into the company of the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls. AMEN.


01 Feb 2004 www.ucb.co.uk/ United Christian Broadcasters. The Word for Today. Reproduced with consent. A free daily devotional is available


Picture this: Joshua’s soldiers are down in the valley fighting the Amalekites. Above him, on a hilltop, sits Moses with his hands raised towards heaven. So long as he does, the battle goes their way. But if you’ve ever tried to hold your hands up for long, you’ll know that you quickly grow weary and lower them. The moment Moses did that, the battle went against Israel. So Aaron and Hur moved to his side, held up his arms, and the tide turned again in their favour. Notice, it wasn’t Joshua’s ability to fight, it was Moses’ ability to hold up his arms that won the day. Two men kept one man from fainting, so that an entire nation could be saved.

If your pastor’s arms drop from exhaustion, God will judge you, not him, because you weren’t there to strengthen him. Take a moment and let that sink in!

If God’s given you a pastor who leads you and feeds you – support him! In the Old Testament tabernacle, the candlesticks had to be kept burning day and night because their light represented God’s presence amongst His people. If a candle so much as flickered, designated servants moved in immediately to trim it and restore it to its original glow.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that the light doesn’t flicker in your church or the fire go out in your pulpit. So pray for your pastor every day and be sure to encourage him every chance you get! Over one half of those who enter the ministry leave it within 10 years – because of discouragement! What a challenge to the keepers of the flame! www.ucb.co.uk/



ARCHIVE FOR INFO: On the feast of the Sacred Heart, Friday June 19th 2009, the Holy Father opened the Year for Priests with Vespers in St. Peter's Basilica.  Pope Benedict is calling on all priests to strive for spiritual and moral perfection, and so become better leaders of the parishes. He also asks all Catholics to pray for the growth of their priests in holiness, and for vocations.

"A priest is not born of an angel but of  a mother. He is chosen from amongst the  people, is anointed with the Sacrament of  Priesthood and returned back to the people,  to the Church - into their care, their prayer  and their love. The priest is a sign of the  omnipotence of our God. Pray for priests. Love them. Support them. Help them to be  holy. We are weak and fragile. If your knees  are not bent in prayer for us, we stumble and  fall. We need your prayer."  ~ Fr. Jozo Zovko ofm

St. John Marie Vianney, Cure d’Ars, said: “If I were to meet a priest and an angel, I would greet the priest first and then the angel ... If there were no priest, the Passion and death of Jesus would serve no purpose.  What use is a treasure chest full of gold if there is no one who can unlock it?  The priest has the key to the treasures of Heaven."

Act of Love of the Cure of Ars "I love You, O my God and my sole desire is to love You until the last breath of my life.  I love You, O infinitely lovable God and I prefer to die loving You than live one instant without loving You.  I love You, O my God, and I do not desire anything but Heaven so as to have the joy of loving You perfectly.  I love You, O my God, and I fear hell, because there will not be the sweet consolation of loving You.  O my God, if my tongue cannot say in every moment that I love You, I want my heart to say it in every beat. Allow me the grace to suffer loving You, to love you suffering and one day to die loving You and feeling that I love You. And as I approach my end, I beg you to increase and perfect my love of You.

A prayer for Vocations, by the Cure of Ars.
My dear Jesus, You desire that we pray the Lord of the harvest that he send zealous labourers into his harvest. 
Deign to raise up in your church, and especially in this diocese, numerous and holy priests who, taking your 
divine heart as their model, will, in the exercise of their holy priesthood, promote the glory of your heavenly 
Father and the salvation of those souls whom you have redeemed with your precious blood. Give us truly holy 
priests who, inflamed with the fire of your divine love, seek nothing but your greater glory and the salvation of 
souls. O Mary, Queen of the clergy, pray for us; obtain for us a great number of vocations to the priesthood.

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