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Changes in Masses at St. Just

St Just - New Beginnings

Mass was celebrated in St. Just for the last time on the 25th of September 2004
Please pray for new vocations and for Priests and Religious

The following is a statement appended to the Parish Newsletter

For many years Mass was brought to St Just by successive Parish Priests. Mass was said in a bungalow in Cape Cornwall Road. Then, when that bungalow was sold to the Royal Marines, the location for Mass moved to the Women's Institute. In those days Mr. Urbanski and Mr. Vassallo, Mrs. Olds' father, used to help the Priest and offer hospitality.

In 1975, following a request from Father Phelan, the Anglican Parish of St Just agreed to offer their church for a Catholic Mass for Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. This gesture became part of a period of ecumenism when both Catholic and Anglican churches shared joint Lent devotional evening services in the Anglican Parish Church.

Over the years times have changed, as more people acquired cars and regular journeys to Penzance became the norm. Not only has the number of priests in the UK diminished, but the post -Vatican II Church has sought to find even more ways of preaching the Gospel and reaching out to all.

Following a new vision of Church for the Diocese of Plymouth, change is necessary. A major change is use of resources so that the vision of a Celebrating Church, a Caring Church, a Learning Church and a Living Church might become a reality for every Parish. Liturgical celebrations must both express and show in pastoral outreach the vision in practice. Breaking up the celebrating community damages the community and makes the quality of celebration less than adequate.

We know too that as we enter a more caring Parish Community many "Good Samaritans" will emerge to show care for a neighbour who might need transport to the Parish Church. Then the "Washing of the Feet" becomes a reality.

Our deepest thanks goes out to Priests and People who have, over many years, volunteered their gifts and ministries at St Just. Many are now gone to their eternal reward. We look forward to a huge enrichment of church worship and life with the entry of St Just parishioners to ministry in their Parish Church - the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady in Penzance. May Mary who accompanied Jesus on His Journey accompany all of us as we become more "The Body of Christ".

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