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"The true purpose of sacred music … is the glory of God and the sanctification of the faithful." ~ (Musicam Sacram, 1967 - Vatican II)


The Organ was built by Mr. George Tucker of the Octagon Organ Works, Plymouth. The cost was £300 all of which had been fully contributed. The formal opening of the Organ was on Tuesday the 23rd of September, 1884 when the congregation were all admitted by ticket.


SWELL: ViolinDiapason, 8ft; Lieblick Gedact, 8ft; Dulciana, 8ft; Vox Angelica, 8ft; Gemshorn, 4ft; Dulcet Mixture, 2 ranks; Horn, 8ft; Oboe, 8ft.

GREAT: Principal, 8ft; Salicional, 8ft; Open Diapason, 8ft; Hohl Flute, 4ft; Harmonic Flute, 4ft; Fifthteenth, 2ft; Lieblick Bbonvoon, 16ft; Clarionet, 8ft.

PEDAL: Bourdon, 16ft; Sub Bass, 16ft;

COUPLERS: Great to Pedal; Swell to Pedal; Swell to Great Octave; Swell to Great Unison.

COMPOSITION PEDALS: Two acting on Swell and two acting on the Great.

More History:

From 1884 we have not found any record of whose care the Organ was in or what was done to it until a tuning book dating from 1956, was found.

From 1956 to 1974, the Organ was in the care of HELE and Co. Ltd., Plymouth. The Organ was then tuned four times a year.

There was an overhaul in about March 1967 and sometime around then, a new pedalboard and balanced Swell Pedal were fitted.

From 1975, the Organ was in the care of LANCE FOY, Truro. The Organ was tuned about three times a year until 1980. After the Church redecoration in 1982, the Organ was left with damaged pipes and full of dirt and plaster. During April and May 1986, the Organ was cleaned and overhauled and made more accessible for tuning and repairs, at a cost of £3000

To be continued.

Editor's note. The Organ underwent a major restoration in 2010

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December 2000 heralds the launch of a new initiative by music enthusiasts in our Church The Church of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady Choir Association, which will be known as Gaudete!, is the brainchild of Musical Director, David Gridley. Being formed to support the newly formed Junior Choir and the existing Adult Choir, its main aim is to set up an endowment which will provide the necessary funding for replenishing and extending their music for years to come. MORE

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"Singing must be regarded as an asset to any celebration." ~ (The Directory on Children’s Masses, 1973)

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